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Last revised 22 April 2007.

Sites Dedicated to Specific Historical Individuals

Founders of Neurology Brief biographies of dozens of significant contributors to the study of the brain and nervous system, housed at the Department of Neuology, University of Illinois, Chicago.

Index to Portraits of Pioneers of Psychology (G. Kimble et al. (Eds.), 1991-2000, 4 vols.). Washington, D.C.: APA. By Warren Street of Central Washington University.

Notable figures in behavioral health care from BehaveNet--Clinical Capsule.

Pantheon of Famous Philosophers. Short biographies and pictures of over 80 philosophers from the ancient world to the present day. Ohio State University Department of Philosophy.

Women in Psychology by Charles I. Abramson and Melanie Page of Oklahoma State University.

Narziss Ach (Konstanz, Germany)

[Alfred] Adler Institute (San Francisco, CA)

Gordon Allport (1897-1967) at Narrativepsych.com

The [Charles] Babbage Pages (1791-1871) by R.A. Hyman of the University of Exeter

Albert Bandura Web Site by Frank Pajares at Emory University (Atlanta, GA)

F. C. Bartlett Archive (1886-1969) by Gerard Duveen, Alex Gillespie & Brady Wagoner of University of Cambridge.

History of Eric Berne from the site of the International Transactional Analysis Association (San Francisco, CA)

Alphonse Bertillon (1853-1914) from "Pictures of Health" by Paul Turnbull at James Cook University (Australia)

James Braid (1795-1860) by Dylan Morgan (UK)

Egon Brunswik (1903-1955) by the Brunswik Society.

Mary Whiton Calkins (1863-1930) by Jenn Bumb of Webster University (St. Louis, MO)

The Writings of Charles Darwin on the Web (1809-1882) by John van Wyhe.

Center for [John] Dewey Studies (1859-1952) at South Illinois University

Dorthea Dix (1802-1887)by Jenn Bumb of Webster University (St. Louis, MO)

Knight Dunlap (1875-1949) by Alfred Kornfeld of Eastern Connecticut State University.

The [Emile] Durkheim Pages by Robert Alun Jones of the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign)

H. J. Eysenck Official Home Page by Darrin Evans (UK)

Viktor Frankl Archvies by Alexander Batthyany, Vienna.

Anna Freud (1895-1982) by Jenn Bumb of Webster University (St. Louis, MO)

FreudNet by the A. A. Brill Library

[Sigmund] Freud Museum (1856-1939) (London)

Sigmund Freud on the Web (1856-1939) by Marc Fonda (Ottawa, ON)

[Sigmund] Freud Photo Archives (1856-1939) by Daniel Hocking (Decatur, IL)

Phineas Gage Information (1823-1860) page by Malcolm Macmillan of Deakin University (Australia)

Francis Galton (1822-1911) from "Pictures of Health" by Paul Turnbull at James Cook University (Australia)

Galton.org detailed description of Francis Galton's life, and on-line editions of his books by Gavan Tredoux (Rochester, New York)

The Electronic [Robert] Grosseteste by James Ginther at University of Leeds (UK)

Friedrich Hayek (1899-1992) by Greg Ransom of MiraCosta College (Oceanside, CA)

Karen Horney (1885-1952)

[David] Hume Archives (1711-1776) by Jim Fieser of the University of Tennessee at Martin.

Thomas Huxley (1825-1895) from "Pictures of Health" by Paul Turnbull at James Cook University (Australia)

A Stroll with William James (1842-1910) by Frank Pajares of Emory University. (Atlanta, GA)

A View of William James (1842-1910) by R. H. Albright (Boston, MA)

The Webbing of William James (1842-1910) by Marc Fonda (Ottawa, ON)

C. G. Jung Home Page (1875-1961) by Donald Williams (Boulder, CO)

[Carl] Jung Index (1875-1961) by Matthew Clapp of the University of Georgia.

Notes on C. G. Jung (1875-1961) by Marc Fonda (Ottawa, ON)

[Immanuel] Kant on the Web (1724-1804) by Steve Palmquist of Hong Kong Baptist University

J. R. Kantor (1888-1984) by William Verpank of U. Tennessee, Knoxville

[Alfred] Kinsey Institute (1894-1956). (Indiana Univeristy)

Wolfgang Köhler (top-biography.com).

Christine Ladd-Franklin (1847-1930) by Samantha Ragsdale at Webster University (St. Louis, MO)

Ambrose August Liébeault (1823-1904) by Dylan Morgan (UK)

Biography of John Locke (1632-1704) by Peter Landry (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Cesare Lombroso (1835-1909) from "Pictures of Health" by Paul Turnbull at James Cook University (Australia)

[Abraham] Maslow Reading Room by Sam Cannon (Dayton, OH)

George [Herbert Mead]'s Page (1863-1931) by Lloyd Gordon Ward and Robert Throop, Brock U. (Ontario).

Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815) by Dylan Morgan (UK).

StanleyMilgram.com hosted by Thomas Blass.

G. E. Müller Biography (1850-1934) compiled by Ed Haupt, Montclair State U. (NJ)

Martin T. Orne (1927-2000), compiled by Jonathan Baron, University of Pennsylvania.

The Memorial Museum-Estate of Academician Pavlov I. P.

Pavlov’s Dogs , compiled at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (NY)

Charles S. Peirce (1839-1914) by Brian Kariger of Lexico (Los Angeles, CA).

[Jean] Piaget Archives (1896-1980) at the University of Geneva.

Adolphe Quetelet (1796-1874) from "Pictures of Health" by Paul Turnbull at James Cook University (Australia).

B. F. Skinner Foundation (1904-1990) by Eric M. Messick of West Virginia U.

[Frederick Winslow] Taylor Project (1856-1915) by Robert R. Downs of the Stevens Institute of Technology (NJ).

Alfred Russel Wallace Page by Charles H. Smith of Western Kentucky University.

Margaret Floy Washburn (1871-1939) by Jenn Bumb of Webster University (St. Louis, MO)

John B. Watson (1878-1958) by Linda Jean Kensick's of U. Texas

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