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Last updated 2 September 2005.

General Archives, Collections, & Additional Links

Adoption History Project Ellen Herman, University of Oregon.

Archives of the American Psychological Association Wade Pickren, Director (Washington DC)

Archives of the History of American Psychology David Baker, Director (Akron, OH).

Barnard College History of Psychology Museum by Thomas B. Perera at Columbia University (NY)

Canadian Psychological Association Archives created by Katalin Dzinas, Canadian Psychological Association Historian.

Charles Babbage Institute Archive Collection at University of Minnesota

Classic Papers from the History of Chemistry (and some physics too) by John Park at Diamond Barr High School (Walnut, CA)

Classics in the History of Psychology On-line collection of dozens of historically influential psychological texts, and links to 100+ others, edited by Christopher D. Green, York University (Toronto, ON).

A Chronology of Psychology in Britain by Geoff Bunn, Science Museum (London, UK).

Cyber Museum of Neurosurgery by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons.

Diagnosing Character (Stories, Tools and Puzzles in Psychology)

Dissertations in the Medical Humanities by Jonathon Erlen, History of Medicine, U. Pittsburgh.

Early Modern Philosophy, Some Texts from by Jonathan F. Bennett.

European Traces of the History of Psychology by Donald Cousins of Rhode Island College. Collection of photographs of European people and locations significant to the history of psychology.

Famous Scientists and Mathematicians Gateway to images and short biographies of over 700 individuals, Collected and maintained by Jay Klopfenstein, Valley Junior High School, California.

Forensic Psychiatry Resource Page by James F. Hooper at University of Alabama

ForumPsy. A collection of international links to associations, library, bibliographies, etc. on psychhology, psychiatry and mental health, focusing on psychoanalysis. In Italian and French only

Founders of Neurology Brief biographies of dozens of significant contributors to the study of the brain and nervous system, housed at the Department of Neuology, University of Illinois, Chicago.

Geschichte der Psychologie an der Universität Leipzig History of psychology at the University of Leipzig (in German).

Gestalt Page at Sonoma State University by Victor Daniels. Summary of history of Gestalt theory and links to primary sources.

Historic Asylums: The vanishing state hospitals and insane asylums of America.

History and Theory of Psychology Student Network by Jason Goertzen, York Unviersity, Toronto.

History of American Education Web Project by Robert N. Barger at Indiana University, South Bend.

History of Idiocy by Murray K. Simpson at University of Dundee (UK)

History of Influences in the Development of Intelligence Theory and Testing by Johnathan Plucker, Indiana University.

History of Phrenology on the Web by John van Wyhe, University of Cambridge (UK).

History & Systems of Psychology Links by John H. Krantz, Hanover College (IN), on the web site of the American Psychological Society.

History of Clinical Psychology by Dominic Parrott of the University of Georgia.

History of Psychology Archives. Short biographies of dozens of important psychologists, including summaries of their scholarly contributions. BY D.J. Costanzo of Muskingum College (OH).

History of Psychology Links by Douglas Degelman, Vanguard University (Costa Mesa, CA).

History of Psychology Links by John W. Nichols, University of Tulsa (OK).

History of Psychology Resources by Anthony Walsh of Salve Regina University (RI).

History of Psychology Site by Bill House at the University of South Carolina Aiken (on-line primary texts from Ancient times to the 20th century; links to related sites).

History of Psychology Site by C. George Boeree of Shippensburg University (PA)

History of Psychology Site by David Likely at the University of New Brunswick (Canada) (quizzes, puzzles, historial "headlines", and more)

History of Psychology Site at the University of Dayton (OH). (Lots of basic information abouts dozens of historical figures, and link to many others sites.)

History of Psychology course site complete with extensive downloadable notes on each period. By David J. Schneider of Rice University (TX)

History of Psychology Timeline by Marcos Emanoel Pereira, Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora, Brazil.

History of Psychology, Writing Research Papers by Don Dewsbury, University of Florida (good basic advice, and an excellent bibliogrpahy).

Human-nature.com Archive of writing on a huge variety of views of human nature, by Robert Young, University of Sheffield (UK)

Image Archive on the American Eugenics Movement at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, (NY).

Imagination, Mental Imagery, Consciousness, & Cognition: Scientific, Philosophical, and Historical Approaches. Articles by Nigel J. T. Thomas at California State University, Los Angeles (CA)

Internet for history and philosophy of science: A free "teach yourself" tutorial on Internet information skills for historians and philosophers of science from the Virtual Training Suite (UK).

Kulkosky's Bookmarks for History of Psychology by Paul Kulkosky, Colorado State University at Pueblo.

Milestones in Neuroscience Research by Eric H. Chudler at the University of Washington

Museum of Jurrasic Technology in Culver City, CA. It cannot be described. You have to see it to believe it.

Museum of Psychological Instruments by David Pantaloney at the University of Toronto (ON)

Museum of Scientific Instruments by David Pantaloney at the University of Toronto (ON)

Museum of the History of Psychological Instrumentation by Edward J. Haupt and Thomas B. Perera at Montclair State U. (NJ).

Office of Teaching Resources in Psychology Online An initiative of Division 2 (Society for the Teaching of Psychology) of the American Psychological Association. Contains a compendium of introductory psychology texts, informational resources for teaching cross-cultural issues in psychology, and a wide variety of other resources.

Pictures of Health A collection of articles and documents about health theory and policy (both mental and physical) during the 19th and early 20th centuries. By Paul Turnbull at James Cook University (Australia).

Portraits of Statisticians Over 300 images, maintained by Peter M. Lee, University of York.

Pre-History of Cognitive Science a summary and bibliography compiled and maintained by Carl Stahmer at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Psychlinks a large collection of psychology links compiled by Mary Weidenhaft of Sullivan High School, Sullivan, MO.

Psychoanalysis and Beyond by Brent Dean Robbins.

Psychology Museum and Resource Center by Charles Abramson and Craig Satterfield at Oklahoma State University.

PsychREF by Vincent W. Hevern, SJ of LeMoyne College, Syracuse, NY. See especially the History of Psychology and the Neurobiological & Behavioral Sciences links)

References on Teaching the History of Psychology compiled by Hendirka Vende Kemp.

Resource Guide to the History of Psychology (html) compiled by Miriam E. Joseph at Saint Louis University (MO)

Reticulum: Neuroscience History Resources by Russell A. Johnson of UCLA.

Selected Classic Papers from the History of Chemistry, by Carmen Giunta at Le Moyne College (Syracuse, NY).

Social Psychology Network's History of Psychology Links.

Social Security Death Index (Death dates, birth dates, ZIP code of dwellings, etc. for U.S. residents after 1962)

Today in Psychology by Warren Street of Central Washington University (3000+ important dates in the history of psychology)

US Surgeon-General's Office Library, complete index-catalogue (1880-1961)

Studying Work (Scientific Management & Industrial Psychology)

The Value of Knowlege: A miniature library of philosophy by Anthony Blunden (Australia). (A collection of dozens of excepts from important philospohical works)

Victorian Science: An Overview Part of the Victorian Web by George P. Landow at Brown University (RI)

Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine (London)

Who Killed William Robinson?, by Ruth Sandwell at U. British Columbia and John Lutz at U. Victoria. (A site containing primary source documents pertianing to to an 1868 murder in British Columbia. Helps students learn to construct plausible historical narratives from the diverse and often disorganized sources historians are typically faced with.)

Women in Psychology by Layli Phillips of the University of Georgia. (Short biographies and CVs of significant women psychologist)

Women's Intellectual Contribution to the Study of Mind and Society by Linda M. Woolf of Webster University (St Louis, MO) and her students

York University History & Theory of Psychology Electronic Question & Answer Forum

This site is maintained by Christopher D. Green (e-mail or web page) of York University, Toronto, Ontario.