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    Course Outline

    The focus of the course is on linear models for regression analysis and analysis of variance. The emphasis of the course is on the practical use of these techniques for data analysis. See the Course Outline for a general overview, list of topics to be covered, grading policies, etc.


    The items below give readings and problems for course assignments. The assignments are sequential, but the due dates are revised as we go along. Check the 'Last Revised' dates, but you can use these to plan ahead generally. Assignments will be updated for the 5th Edition. For now, see the document Changes to Assignments.doc and a table of corresponding chapters/sections in the two editions.
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    You will also want to examine the following for help with assignments:

    Psych 3030 Students' Page

    Dedicated to the past and present students of Psychology 3030. There's a class list, and some diversions.

    Quizzes & Tests

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    If you make it through all this there's one last challenge: The Ernie Quiz


    There will be a course project assigned after the midterm of each term and due at the end of the term. Each project will be designed to be like (to some degree) real research situations in which the techniques would be used, and the emphasis will be on how well you can apply these tools.

    SAS Examples

    A large collection of SAS examples demonstrate the methods taught in the course.

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