The Infant and Child Mental Health Lab




Dr. Yvonne Bohr, C. Psych.                                         

Associate Professor

Clinical Developmental Psychology
Director, LaMarsh Research Centre

Faculty of Health

Head, Infant Child Treatment Team

Aisling Discoveries Child and Family Centre

Office: TEL #5022  Email:

I am a clinical psychologist specializing in child and family mental health in a multi-cultural context. My interest in knowledge mobilization and exchange between academic and community settings drives the work of my laboratory. Prior to joining the department of Psychology at York in 2004, I was a practicing clinician, engaged in diverse community and educational psychology initiatives, as well as in mental health administration. I am still clinically active as the Head of an Infant Mental Health team in a Toronto children's treatment centre. Having lived, studied and worked in North Africa, France, Germany, Serbia, and the US, I greatly appreciate the opportunities created by working and learning within a culture other than one's own. My clinical and research activities are rooted in a strong belief in children's rights, social justice, and the important role of the social determinants of mental health. I believe that our country's record when it comes to the rights of children and youth, especially our Aboriginal youth, leaves a lot to be desired, and that scientists and clinicians have an obligation to help improve this record. It is my firm conviction that children together with their parents should be entitled to the best available scientifically supported resources and interventions, that they should have a voice in these interventions, and that prevention and treatment should always be based on collaborative empiricism.

My students and I are interested specifically in:

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