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Infants’ processing of information about the world around them has generally been believed to be limited to the here and now. That is, their processing of information is fleeting in that they have little memory for the past and even less expectations for the future. However, recent work at the Centre on the cognitive abilities of very young infants has determined that they do, in fact, remember information about previously experienced events and form expectations for events that have yet to occur. The goal of the Centre for Early Cognition, therefore, is to construct a better understanding of how very young infants attend and perceive information about the world around them, what type of information they attend to and perceive, how this information is stored and retrieved from memory, and how memory for previously experienced event information enables the formation of expectations for future events.


If you are interested in having your baby participate, please call us at 416-736-2100, ext. 20036, or email us at babylab@yorku.ca, or please fill in this form and we will be more than happy to contact you.


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